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Infant Program – Ages 0-22 Months

Our Infants and Wobblers are together in a large carpeted playroom, where a loving, safe and secure environment is created for your precious children. The teachers and caregivers will interact with each child to provide individual attention to all their needs.infants

Our ratio is 4 to 1, allowing us to provide high quality care for your child’s feeding, sleeping and play times. It is their home away from home. Music, age appropriate toys, story time and verbal interaction is part of the infant program. This group has plenty of outdoor time, and weather permitting, they will take walks in strollers and carriages around the residential area behind our school.

The parents supply food, diapers, wipes and other items that their child might need each day. Our lunch program is also available.

The parents will receive a daily written report of their child’s schedule for eating, diaper changes and progress throughout their day.

At this age infants require a clean, safe and nurturing environment. They need attention, are eager to communicate, and are aware of the world around them. It is important to meet their needs by:

    • Responding when they cryinfant daycare
    • Providing continuous physical interaction
    • Talking, reading, and singing
    • Using puppet shows as teaching tools
    • Playing appropriate music for their age
    • Promoting tummy time
    • Providing floor time for development of gross motor skills
    • Introducing toys suitable for fine motor skills and sensory stimulation
    • Spending time outdoors
    • Preparing appropriate sleeping areas designed for babies

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